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More Enjoyment ~ Less Stress ~ Better Relationship

Are you ready to have more enjoyment, less stress, and have a better relationship all while seeing how brilliant your dog can be?

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Recallers unique approach creates an accelerated level of learning that creates confidence every step of the way! 


  • Grow your relationship with your dog to a level you didn’t think was possible
  • Access to amazingly easy to play Recallers games in our online classroom.
  • Have FUN while you learn - all the “lessons” are actually games
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    Feel confident with your dog (and yourself!), no matter what life throws at you
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    Always know what your dog's behaviour will be… no more “hoping” your dog will do what you want.
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    One of the only online classrooms to receive world class coaching. Susan and her team are waiting for you!
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    Be part of an amazing supportive community
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    Learn training that’s actually based on the science of how dogs learn

…. Stop wishing your dog’s training will keep improving, and start seeing results now. Our Recallers are not only seeing fast, effective results with their dogs, they’re transforming into more confident, happier people.

Susi's story...

In this video Susi shares how she hit rock bottom with her dogs and how she was able to completely turn around the behaviour of her dogs and help her rescue dog, Ajax.

Laura's story...

​Laura was on her own. She had ​four Border Collies and training was easy… Some would say she was a natural. Her confidence was soaring and training brought her so much joy.

That was until things changed… She met her husband… they had two kids… a farm… and life got chaotic. 

Terrie's story...

​​​​Life is full of choices to make, and Terrie decided to ​follow​ her heart​... if the advice you're been given about dog training doesn't come from a place of compassion and understanding... look for a better way.


Recallers Amazing Online Classroom

Create a Stress Free Relationship With These Valuable Training Resources

($1000 VALUE)

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    40 strategically designed games to advance your dog’s training
  • check
    Game Day Playbook (Downloadable) for each of our 40 games
  • check
    The strategically released games grow understanding in layers for you and your dog... you progress often before you realize you have moved forward!
  • check
    Ask a question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Recallers classroom
  • check
    Coaching by an experienced world expert dog trainer and her team
  • check
    Quizzes to add fun, challenge and help you track your progress
  • check
    “Quick Tips” (Downloadable) cheat sheets to take with you anywhere
  • check
    You quickly see the improvements in your dog which inspires you to continue to put in more time "practising" aka playing more games

($400 VALUE)

  • check
    Access to online group coaching with Susan
  • check
    Live online group chats with Susan and Lynda Orton-Hill that will be recorded and available in Recallers for you to review
  • check
    In-depth discussions, answers and demonstrations to really drive your understanding home
  • check
    ​Unlimited access to the ItsYerChoice Summit videos in Recallers
  • check
    Unlimited access to the Learning Through ​Games of Choice Video Series in Recallers
  • check
    ​Each game in the Critical Core comes withextra teaching from Susan on the learning theory that will set you and your dog up for success

($300 VALUE)

  • check
    Just because you train at home doesn't mean you train alone!
  • check
    Post a video clip of your training session to receive coaching feedback!
  • check
    Makes training at home more enjoyable, interactive and will speed up your dog training improvements
  • check
    Join our exclusive 'Recallers members-only' Facebook Group
  • check
    Feel supported by an AMAZING community like no other
  • check
    Create your own library of videos to review your progress and store your favourite training memories
  • check
    Share with the Recallers community of dedicated dog lovers and trainers who understand you and your dog
  • check
    Strategize and ask questions to other like-minded people who share the same goals and passion for reinforcement based dog training
  • check
    Feel supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

($200 VALUE)

Deposits into the Perfect Recall Account eBook

VALUE: $50.00

Recallers Record Keeping Journal

VALUE: $25.00

How to Video

 Your Training

VALUE: $25.00

FAQ Sheets for the Game Day Lessons

VALUE: $25.00

Master Distraction List


 VALUE: $50.00

Downloadable PDFs to compliment your training

 VALUE: $25.00

Behaving Gratitudinaeously eBook

 Just for YOU!

Recallers Tasty Treats


 Just for YOU!

Order before July 19th, 11:59 PM PT and you'll receive the following 7 bonuses valued at $1548

Bonus #1 Distraction Webinar Series Including eBooks

VALUE: $250.00

Bonus #2 Resources Enhancing Your Recallers Experience

VALUE: $222.00

Bonus #3 DVD of All 40 Recallers Game Day Videos

VALUE: $400.00

Bonus #4 "The Barkenstein Chronicles"

VALUE: $197.00

Bonus #5 Tuggers Classroom

VALUE: $300.00

Bonus #6 Say Yes to Head Halter Success

VALUE: $50.00

Bonus #7 "Exhaust The Dog Through The Nose"

VALUE: $129.00


(VALUE $250)

  • check
    Strategic training to decrease your dog’s distractions and increase their focus on you
  • check
    4 hours of webinar training with Susan and Lynda
  • check
    Bridge the gap in reinforcement based training. Learn what to do when the dog just says "No, I don't wanna and I don't hafta!"
  • check
    Downloadable workbooks for Part 1 and 2 of the Distraction Webinars
  • check
    Distraction Action eBook, Master Recall Distraction eBook, Online Distraction Tracker and more!
  • check
    How to compete with the chance to chase prey when all you have is a cookie!


(VALUE $222)

The Doggy A.D.D. Solution! eBook - Transforming your Dog from Hyper Distracted to Ultra Focused

VALUE: $50.00

Challenges in Dog Training eBook - A Systematic Approach to Recognizing and Training Through Challenges

VALUE: $25.00

Streaker’s Journal eBook - Transformational Journal of a Rescue Dog’s Recovery With Early Recallers Games

VALUE: $25.00

Strategy to Game Creation eBook - A Step by Step Guide to Help You Create MORE Games of Choice to Grow New and Exciting Behaviours

VALUE: $25.00

Downloadable eBook of All 40 Game Days - your own Recallers written resource includes all 40 games in one handy eBook reference to use for years to come.

VALUE: $97.00

BONUS #3 DVD of ALL 40 Recallers Game Day Videos
(VALUE $400)

A DVD of ALL 40 Recallers Game Day Videos. You are not just training your current dog but every dog you
will ever own. Our resources become your resources when you own a library of our Game Day videos at the
end of the course.

BONUS #4 "The Barkenstein Chronicles"
(VALUE $197)

Watch Susan’s documentary on troubleshooting "pack barking" in her own home. In the Barkenstein Chronicles, you will find the training program Susan has implemented to work through nuisance barking. Learn Susan’s protocol for your own training. There are video chats, training footage, written activities, and practical training to implement in your quest for quiet. The Barkenstein Chronicles will help you establish a solid understanding of “why” to take on this training and help you create a success plan that will work for your own dog/lifestyle.

BONUS #5 Tuggers Classroom
(VALUE $300)

This is a bonus tug training course for you and your dog! One of the most popular bonuses of Recallers is Tuggers... not all dogs are natural "tuggers", but with the expert coaching from our Recallers team, dogs of all breeds and ages are now enjoying the game of tug for the very first time in their lives. Our team helps you and your dog learn that tugging is FUN for you and FUN for your dog! Your journey to ‘tugaciousness’ is something special to enjoy, away from any other training. We help you with short, fast and fun sessions with no pressure on either of you to help you achieve results.

BONUS #6 Say Yes to Head Halter Success
(VALUE $50)

​In this bonus area of Recallers, we show you how we use a head halter as an important part of our Say Yes Dog Training Program. We have video demonstrations of the mechanics and a comprehensive PDF for download.
Master distractions ​from a simple as scent on the ground to more challenging situations such as
motion sensitive dogs. We ​grow your confidence in the use of this training tool to set you and your dog up for head halter success.

BONUS #7 "Exhaust The Dog Through The Nose"
(VALUE $129)

Scent work is a great way to wear your dog out when a 2 hour walk just isn’t possible. This bonus gives our new Recallers an introduction to the same scent work used by Search and Rescue dogs, by Suitcase Sniffing Dogs at Airports and by Drug Detection dogs. Scent work is an easy game that enriches your dog’s life and helps tire him out for hours!

I'm Ready To Discover The Possibilities
In Dog Training As A Recallers Member!

More Enjoyment ~ Less Stress ~ Better Relationship

Instant Access to the Recallers Program ​for a Full Year

  • ​8 Transformational Game Day Modules (Value $1000​)
  • Online Group Coaching With Susan Garrett (Value $400)
  • ​Membership to our Recallers Community (Value $300)
  • ​Unlimited Access to our Recallers Library (Value $200)

Total Program Value $1900.00

​BONUSES when you join in the Recallers Class of 2018!

  • Bonus #1 Distraction Webinar Series (Value $250)
  • check-circle
    Bonus #2 Resources Enhancing Your Recallers Experience (Value $222)
  • check-circle
    Bonus #3 DVD of ALL 40 Recallers Game Day Videos (Value $400)
  • check-circle
    Bonus #4 The Barkenstein Chronicles Documentary (Value $197)
  • check-circle
    Bonus #5 Tuggers Classroom (Value $300)
  • Bonus #6 Say Yes to Head Halter Success Videos and PDF (Value $50)
  • Bonus #7 Exhaust The Dog Through The Nose (Value $129)

Total Bonus Value $1548.00

Recallers is valued at over $1900 USD


you receive $1000's of dollars worth of bonuses

when you join by July 19th, 11:59 pm PT.

Student intake closes soon!

Your Price: $499 USD

Discover the Possibilities in Recallers

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Single Investment of $499 USD
(Value $3348 Save $89)

Single Investment of $499 USD

Flexible Option
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(Value $3348 Total Investment $588)

Four Installments of $147 USD monthly for 4 months

All transactions are in U.S. Dollars


Visit our Most Popular Questions section below to learn more about Recallers.

​Contact us at ​and we will happily share all we know and love about Recallers with you!


We pride ourselves in creating a supportive, online community of like minded dog owners, joyfully working towards their goals. If at anytime within the first 14 days of being a Recallers Member you feel our community cannot meet your needs we will happily return the purchase price of the program to you no questions asked.

Here's What Our Recallers Say:

Just want to say thank you - not only have my relationships with my dogs improved since I first found Recallers but exponentially my whole life is better - so much gratitude for it all - long story but a good one.

Anthea, Dorset, UK

Of course my dog is having a blast and a super great quality of life playing with me but this has been a particularly successful journey for me too! I am an alumnus and as such have done this before but THIS time!?? ahha I have clarity and confidence!! These videos of other trainers and students attempting the games and Susan’s tips and explanations have produced a priceless experience! Kudos Susan!! and staff! and trainers! and demo owners! and demo dogs!! I truly feel a part of the most amazing training program out there.

Debbi, Ontario, Canada

Well my Recallers experience was not what I expected. I thought I was signing up for a “recall” when in fact I was signing up for a whole new relationship with my dog! When we began our journey I could not bath or groom my dog. He would growl at me and bite if I tried to pick him up. Now my boy is a cuddle bunny. He crawls into my lap to watch TV. He runs to his toy box and brings me a toy so I will play with him. I can groom him and even cut his toe nails, and he doesn’t complain, and he hasn’t growled or bitten me for ages. I could not be happier!

Christine, Queensland, Australia

Today we were at the park. Lexi was off leash, as there was no one else around. A car drove into the area and parked not too far away from us. I could not see the car because of a huge
tree. All of a sudden Lexi took off at a full run. I called her once and she wheeled around and came straight back to me. Wish I would have a video of it. Once she came back I looked to see
what had attracted her attention. WELLLLLLLL… there were 2 dogs off leash chasing a ball… a ball… I actually called her off a ball….. Wonders never cease…. and this is why I will never give
up on training Recallers.

Nancy, Ontario, Canada

Recallers has been the difference between my runner getting hit by a car and me losing my devoted helper and pal. It has
meant that Dakota can run to his hearts content and my heart is content knowing that he will come in the presence of squirrels rabbits and other dogs. It has meant peace for me when I don’t have to panic because a dog slips out of an open door or gate. Recalls has been a blessing and I hope to pass this blessing on to my 4-H kids and the group for service dogs in training.

L'Tonya, Indiana, USA

This course since I first signed up in 2014 has changed me. I can observe a behavior and IMMEDIATELY know which game I need to do or what I’ve been slacking on or allowing to repeat or self reinforce. Its so refreshing! I was a good student, helped teach others, but realize now I never learned some of the foundation WHY we do it, therefore I could not “take it to the next level” on my own or see how to tweak it. It has given me confidence to handle any event.

Joanne, Alberta, Canada

And that's why our Recallers program is different.

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​Will I get One-on-One Coaching or Feedback from Susan?

I'd Love To Join But Have More Questions, Can I Talk To You? 

I Am Already a Recaller! What do I do?

​A Personal Message From Susan

My mission in life is to have dogs worldwide be better understood by their owners and owners worldwide better understand how to effectively get their dog to do exactly as they want without the use of physical corrections of mental intimidation.

Recallers is more than just a program filled with incredible science-based dog training resources, it's a powerful community of positive reinforcement based dog lovers.

People who have a Recallers "family" here to lift them up, support them and celebrate with them. People who share a common vision of how life can be with dogs when love, joy and most of all FUN is the focus of all you do.

​I want to welcome you to Recallers with open arms and offer you to wear the badge of honour showing that you are a Recallers member. One of the special people who is showing up and putting the effort in to really make a difference with your dog training and life with your dog.

​I can't wait to see you inside!

 "Remember, it's all about the love of your dog ​and having fun​. The rest will fall into place with the help of Recallers." 

We Love Being A Part of Your Journey

A Proven & Trusted Online Education

We are now in our 9th year of providing dog owners worldwide with an online platform to immerse themselves in positive reinforcement based training. The success and happiness of our tens of thousands of students are the yardsticks we use to measure our success. Most of our students join our programs and find themselves so much at home, that they return year after year.

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